I’m a Mum, UI Designer, singer and wannabe Printmaker, living in East Lothian, Scotland.

I’ve started a distance learning course – Printmaking 1 – with the Open College of Art. This blog will be a record of my experiences on the course – a place to reflect on what I’ve learned and record my achievements, frustrations, musings and envious yearnings after other people’s work.

And probably other stuff too.


2 responses to “About

  1. Hi Jackie, I finally got round to looing on your blogsite. I’ve meantime created one of my own but it is a blow by blow account of my work so probably beyond your time resources to look at!
    My main reason for leaving the message is to say hello and hope you’re getting on well. Well done, managing to get some printmaking done in your busy life. Maybe we’ll get that coffee some day but it sounds like you have your hands full just now.
    Take care,

  2. I just clicked the wrong thing so think I lost my message to you! I just wanted to ask questions related to your drawing of Seaside Cottage in Clachtoll, which I loved. Please contact me if you don’t mind me asking more.

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