Backdrawing from life: Lillies

Backdrawing - lillies

Another catch up – I realised I hadn’t done any backdrawings from life, so made an attempt.

I decided to draw some lillies growing in a blue container in our garden. After a couple of quick preparatory sketches, I mixed up some yellow, green and blue ink and applied it to my perspex plate. I liften some ink off with some scrap paper, then laid some green textured paper on gently and took the plate outside to create the backdrawing.

I made a couple of versions – the one shown was the better of the two.


Hmm, not brilliant – mainly I think because of colours weren’t really strong enough against the paper, so poor choices there. I did want to create some more examples of backdrawing from life, but just ran out of time. Also, I guess I’m not always that confident in creating decent drawings very quickly, and as usual time is of the essence when using my water-based inks.

I did want to create some more examples of back drawing from life, but unfortunately ran out of time.


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