Red shoes monoprint

As part of my final monoprinting project, here is a print made using a series of masks, textures, scratching and backdrawing. The subject is a pair of my daughter’s red and white boots, worn when she was just a toddler.

1. Here’s a photo of them, and the sketch I made:

2+3. Masks and impressions

The first layer of the print was a beigey background shape using a negative mask.

The second used another negative mask to create  the red shoes shape. (As you can see I created 6 prints each time – lots of work, but in the end it was worth it.)

On some of these I pressed then lifted off some spotty wrapping paper onto the ink before printing – the white spots on the wrapping paper lifted more ink, creating the spots on the shoes.

4. Mask and scratching

Next, for the darker red of the inside of the shoes and the soles, I used a third set of negative masks for the shapes, and then used the end of a paintbrush to scratch in some lines to give a bit of contour to the inner shapes.

At this point I was really tempted to stop as I was nervous about spoiling the best ones with a further stage, but decided to grasp the nettle…..

5. Backdrawing

So the final stage was some backdrawing to add some detail … in the end I had two decent prints left, and here’s the one I was most pleased with:


This was loads of work, but I was very pleased with the result and that my initial planning of the whole process had worked out.

Registration went really well here – all the masks were negative – I just used masking tape to both position the printing paper and secure the masks and it worked really well.

I used thinner paper for the masks than before but found I was able to use the same paper for 8 prints of  each stage, so only had to cut one version of each.


One response to “Red shoes monoprint

  1. Very clever techniques – particularly the way you have created the spots – a great idea and I really must try it for myself. Your subject matter and composition is so sweet. Lovely work Jackie.

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