Backdrawing – Zoe

Here’s a backdrawing I made using a photo of Zoe when she was just 2. With a thin layer of dark blue ink, made thinner by taking a quick print to lift some more ink off, I laid the printing paper down, then the photo, then drew lightly over it using a dry pen,  using different pressures to get some light and shade, and also using a sponge to get some of the softer textures. I was quite pleased with the way it came out – and once the print was dry I added some water colour in blue, pink and brown. I think I’ll try this again, and develop it a bit further.

Zoe (backdrawing)


8 responses to “Backdrawing – Zoe

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  2. Hi Jackie – this is SUPERB! You are so clever to get such an effect with backdrawing – all I ever get is a disorganised mess. You have inspired me. This is beautiful work. Congratulations.

  3. I’ve literally just started on the Printmaking 1 course, so reading through all this has been very interesting for me – and quite inspiring! Seeing the journey to a final print is sometimes a real eye-opener for me – as well as changing the way I see the final prints.

      • I’m sure none of us gets through the courses exactly fast – whatever our other commitments are. Juggling all that we do do, I’m just amazed when I look at the quality of work people are producing – yours included.

  4. I’ve now done several backdrawing prints, and love it as technique. But my results are very hit and miss. One time it all comes out like yours, with not too much background picking up of ink, another time I end up with just a mass of ink so that you can’t see the ‘drawing’ at all!

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