Monoprints – Texture experiments

This exercise was about a) experimenting with textures by making impressions in the ink using miscellaneous objects and materials, and b) using these techniques to create a landscape.

First, experiments

Image 1 – In the first experiment I used wrapping paper, pipe cleaners, tea bags, copper wire, a balloon, pasta spirals and spagetti, scouring brush, and dough cutters, pompoms, sponge and foam shapes from Zoe’s art box.

Image 1 - Texture mark making

The best results came from the the sponge and foam shapes, tea bags, pipe cleaner and paper, which absorbed or lifted the ink nicely.
Spagetti and wire were hard to press onto the plate without getting finger prints on the ink, and didn’t lift the ink so easily.

Image 2 – In the second experiment I used the best materials again, but still found the ink wasn’t lifting as easily as expected. Some building-like shapes emerging though..

Image 2 - More experiments in texture

Image 3 – And in the third piece I used the foam shapes again but first dampened them with warm water – some smudginess but much better in terms of lifting ink. Here I used the (very rough) shape of Cockenzie Power station (which is on the coast, near where I live).

Image 3 - using warm water

A landscape

Image 4 – developing the idea of image 3, I started with a two colour plate, and used the foam shapes for the rectangular elements of the building, the scouring brush for the sea (I liked the effect here), cotton buds for some shapes at the base of the image, a tea bag, paper, and balloon to texture the sky, and spagetti for the vertical spines on top of the building….and the best bit? Tea leaves from a burst teabag scattered over the sky….I loved the sparkly, starry effect this produced. Happy accident!

Cockenzie Power Station monoprint


I’d been putting this exercise off for ages – I think because I tried to imagine the landscape image before trying the experiments, and couldn’t. But once I just started experimenting and kept going, some ideas formed and I began to enjoy it. And I was very surprised and pleased with the final result.

I loved working in my new little workspace, esp mixing and printing directly off the glass table, so I really feel like I’ve made some progress after such a long time away.  Onwards and upwards.


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