It’s been a long time…

I have had a tough time with the course recently. I think  it began when I started a my new job back in July – very stressful even though still only part time – and it just took over my brain. I should have used art as an escape, but instead it just got completely neglected, until the old “block” set in, I lost the habit, confidence fled, and I couldn’t get started again. Whoooo. But here I am.. months later but hoping to get going again.

New workspace – at home we managed to find some space for a lovely dedicated workspace for me, instead of  having to use the kitchen, so everything is permanently set out and I have stuck up lots of lovely inspirational printmaking examples to spur me on. So: fewer excuses!

And look – glass table (Ikea) – which means I can mix and print directly from the table. Perfect.

And today I’ve had some time to myself as Alex took my daughter off to visit relatives for the whole day! I forced myself to get on with the coursework… it wasn’t looking good at first, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised.

Next thing is to get back into the sketching habit – fingers crossed. Here’s an inspirational book that I will open again tonight to help (I hope)….

The Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to be the Artist You Truly Are
by Danny Gregory


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