Monoprinting in oils

Well, first thing to say is that I’m a bit disappointed at how little time I’ve got at the moment for coursework, blogging or even sketching. Just started a new job and had a holiday, so it’s all been rather hectic.

Anyway, here’s a quick update on my first try at a monoprint using oil-based ink and a press – at the Edinburgh Printmakers Studio.

I decided to try a little landscape that I’d sketched recently, a beach in Assynt. This time I was using my recently-purchased plexiglass under which I placed an outline of my sketch.

I’m used to mixing the oil-based inks for relief printing (inc using driers and extenders), but for painting the inks had to be much less stiff. I used a little oil to loosen it, which worked quite well, but I think I just used too much – the result was bleeding and blotching – especially around the bothy area where there was supposed to be some finer detail. Perhaps a specific medium would have been better – I really just should have asked one of the techs for advice. Next time.


Unfortunately that evening I didn’t have a lot of time to try this again – mixing the inks took me ages (I’m such a slow worker)! And even then the green colour is really poor as I was getting impatient….but still there are aspects of this that I like – in particular the clouds came out much better than I expected. And I love using the press… no worries about picking up the ink this time!

I’m definitely going to revisit this image – I think it might work well using a combination of techniques like monoprinting for a background, sky, sea, with back drawing or even lino print for the stronger, black areas like the rocks and fine detail… we will see!

Update: unfortunately this print got lost at the studio.


2 responses to “Monoprinting in oils

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog regarding the monotypes I posted recently. That’s what I aim to do with my blog, inspire others through links to other printmakers who, I think, make beautiful work or by posting my own work both the disappointments and the successes. Hope you’ll visit again from time to time. Take a look at the link in my latest posting about Mandy Pattullo’s Surface Decoration course she is teaching for us this August.

  2. How fascinating to use a printmaking studio like this. I must check if there is one in my own area of England. I’ve never used a printing press and I have tried all sorts of ways to get the ink on to the paper – including standing on it!

    Your beach print is better than you think. Like you, I really enjoy the special effects of ghost prints and I think the paleness of this one adds great charm.

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