Roses sketch

Here’s another monoprint that I did yesterday, based on some doodles of some of the roses in our garden. This time I rolled the ink onto a small vinyl relief printing block, then scratched the design in with the end of a paintbrush before printing. I enjoyed this technique very much – I tried it on the glass plate as well, but again was having problems getting the ink to be picked up evenly by the paper,  so tried the vinyl with better results – probably because it was easier to judge how much ink I’d added. Still quite patchy though…..sigh.

Roses print

I took another ghost image too from the same inked plate, and got a rather nice pale image that may be good as the first stage in a multi-level print.

My notes suggest using Acrylic medium to extend the drying times of the water-based inks, so I’ve just ordered some of that. I will perhaps also need to get myself down to the Printmakers’ studio and try it with some plexiglass, oil-based inks and a press.


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