Further experiments in monoprint

Alex sketch

This time I’m using a sketch of Alex that I did last month:

Alex sketch

Alex - sketch

As before I used the sketch as a guide underneath my glass plate – here are two of the resulting prints – I reworked the plate each time.

Here’s the plate as it was before (or perhaps after) that last print – see how much of the ink wasn’t picked up by the paper? (I also took a damp paper print, but did so rather carelessly so there was much smudging).

Inked plate

The face is the weakest part of my sketch, and this has carried through to the plate and print, but my main point of difficulty is that as before I’m having trouble with ink consistency, in particular with the ink drying out too quickly. In the second print you can see the final strokes in dark ink where the ink is much wetter.

That said, there are still areas I was quite pleased with – I like some of the textures on the clothing, and reckon if I can get the drying time  and ink consistency sorted out I’ll be much happier.


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